Retreat to Peru

Awaken to the Mystery!

“Without exaggerating, I have to say that this has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life so far. Every day I felt challenged and supported. I found strengths in myself that I had no idea we’re still there. I return home with a new much more positive and playful map of the next stage of my life. “Susan BarnesI



MAIN JOURNEY, OCTOBER 17th-25th, 2020

“I was able to feel and release some old wounds, reconnect with Mother Earth, my ancestors, and my own Truth and Essence. I feel oneness with everything- something that I knew in my mind before but had no actual cellular experience of. This journey is a beautiful gift that I will never forget.” – Kasia Tennstedt

Join us on our 14th Retreat!




Mystical Temple Sites, Pristine Mountains, Healing Waterfalls, Stargate Portals, Andean Healing Ceremonies, Q’ero Wisdom Keepers, Movement, Shamanic Healing, Huachuma Plant Ceremony, Meditation, Sacred Sound Healing and More…


with Ashera Serfaty, Carolyn Story, Q’ero Wisdom Keepers, Curanderas & Julian Sarrasi, Andean Q’ero Native Spiritual Guide.

Early Registration Discount:
July 15th, 2020
Main Journey: $2775
Machu Picchu Add On: $850

Regular Price After July 15th, 2020
Main Journey $3375
Machu Picchu Add on $850



This journey is an authentic experience into the spirit of the Andes. It is not a typical tourist trip!

 Retreat Highlights:

  • Quillaromiyok- Moon of the Rock Temple, Portal To the Moon & Divine Feminine

  • Machu Picchu~ The Crystal City, One of the Worlds Sacred Wonders

  • Pachard/Naupa iglesia~Egyptian Portal in the Andes, Doorway to the Stars

  • Apu Sawasiray/Apu Pitusiray~ Akakashic Records Gateway

  • Huachuma Plant Ceremony/ Healing the Heart and Uniting with The Earth





“I am so extremely fortunate to have been a participant on the Peru Retreat. My Body, Mind & Spirit were stretched into grace-filled joyful expressions I had never before experienced. I laughed and cried, feeling old layers peel away. I tapped into aspects of myself I denied and discovered gifts I hadn’t known were possible. This was due to the amazing guidance and support by Ashera who had absolute integrity, compassion, humor and open heartedness. Her skills in creating and holding a safe space were impressive. I was held in a container of deep love and respect.” Jo McKernan


Join us in the Sacred Valley of Peru & Machu Picchu
in the majestic Andes mountains and step into a new level of your connection with nature and your deepest self. This transformational journey is a rites of passage that takes you to the most mystical places on earth where there is a high frequency of beauty and healing energy. Come and weave through the Sacred Valley and its mystical sites and portals. We anchor into these powerful ley lines of the earth to activate a new template for ourselves and the earth.

Through Andean healing & mystical practices, gentle yoga, energy practices, sound healing & meditation we embark on a transformative process where we have an opportunity to come into balance, awaken our full potential. We open to a deeper sense of peace and love within ourselves and take it back with us into our daily life.

Initiations into the alchemical elements allow us to transform Hucha (heavy energy) to Sami (light energy). Through fire, water, earth and air ceremonies we learn how to transform our energy. Simple and ancient practices for transformation are experienced.


The Andes Incredible mystical sacred sites and portals activate our deep inner knowing and remembering. As we merge with waterfalls, rivers, majestic mountains, earth and stars, we are reminded of our own power and grace.

This journey is an authentic experience into the spirit of the Andes. You will get to spend time getting to know Don Basillio, a Q’ero wisdom keeper, and Vilma, a renowned curandera. You will be initiated into the Andean traditions and visit some off the beaten path sites and mountains.



Lodging is at Munay Sonco Retreat Center located at the base of a stunning waterfall and the powerful mountains of Pitisuri and Sawasiray. It is situated in the middle of the Sacred Valley, near the small village of Arin, just one hour and fifteen minutes from Cusco.

This incredible center is an oasis, set in a natural landscape of mountains, trees, beautiful rivers and waterfalls. The valley embraces you to receive its liquid, light energy.

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a majestic spot in the Andes mountains. It is home to the twelve mountains known as “Apus”, or “luminous beings”, who are said to intercede on behalf of people.


Those who come to the center have the opportunity to commune directly with these mountains, as well as with the local curanderos and pacos (healers), who engage in ritual and ceremony.

You will have time to explore the beautiful nature around the center, the gardens and rivers. You may wish to add private healing sessions and massage to your retreat experience. There will be time to lay in a hammock, take a nap and receive the incredible beauty of nature, among the butterflies and birds.

The center offers many creature comforts, including hot showers, warm duvets, and clean, exquisite sacred spaces woven into the heart of nature. Each guestroom is a reflection of the Peruvian culture of the Sacred Valley. Thanks to our staff, the entire center embodies the kindness, love and wholeness that permeates this magical place..



Three fresh, farm-to-table vegetarian meals, with fish and chicken options, are served daily. The bounty is sourced from local on site, organic, permaculture gardens. Fresh herbal teas, juices and delicious soups, stews, and salads are prepared by the local chef.

We will have a few dinners out at incredible restaurants, and you will be able to choose from a variety of options. Past participants regularly comment on the amazing and nourishing food on this retreat. Special meal requests can be accommodated.



We have reserved time for sacred and powerful plant ceremony. We will be working with the sacred plant spirit of Huachuma, also known as San Pedro. San Pedro is an amazing plant teacher and will allow you to deepen into your own process, connect with your deepest soul path, and allow deep heart healing and connection with all that is. We will be outside in the beauty and healing energy of nature. The ceremony will be held in the utmost integrity and love for your safety and evolution. Huachuma is a beautiful powerful healing experience and heart opener.

Our journey will take us to Machu Picchu, the legendary Crystal City, one of the seven wonders of the world. We enter this magnificent temple ceremonially to open the portals of awareness and receive its immense beauty. There will also be time on your own to explore the site and find your own deep connection to the magic of Machu Picchu.

We will also spend a day in the quaint town of Ollantaytambo and visit it’s incredible temple. We will stay at beautiful, comfortable hotels in both Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo.


  • 11 Days in the Magical Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu

  • Beautiful Accommodation at Munay Sonco Retreat Center & Other Hotels.

  • Immersion in the Energy of Sacred Temple Sites & Portals

  • Entrance to all Sacred Temple Sites

  • Domestic transportation: vans, buses (you have to cover the taxi to airport, inexpensive)

  • Train ride to/from Aguas Calientes

  • Machu Picchu bus, entrance fee and guided spiritual tour

  • Initiations, & Ceremonies with Q’ero Wisdom Keeper

  • Healing & Ceremonies Indigenous Curandaras (Healers)

  • Plant Medicine Healing Ceremony

  • Sound Healing

  • Hiking in Pristine Mountains and Sacred Sites

  • All Nourishing Organic Meals (except for 3)

  • Fire, Earth, Water & Air Ceremonies

  • All Yoga, Meditation, and Shamanic Energy Practices, Classes and Teachings

  • Laughter & Play

    Note: Cost does not include, airfare and airport transfers

The Andean Indigenous Medicine Traditions
& Q’ero Wisdom Keepers & CuranderaS

You will be embraced by the Q’ero shamans, the earth and wisdom keepers from the high Andes, who are powerful and filled with laughter and love. They will guide us back into balance with all of creation. In the Andean indigenous wisdom tradition, it is said we are in the age of the “Tariapaycha”, a time of emerging consciousness that allows us to fully heal ourselves and share that gift with others.

On the journeys, you will receive energetic rites ~ the Karpays, initiations in the form of transmissions to transform your human energy field into that of homo luminous – luminous beings. The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a new human appearing on the planet, one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature.

We also work with an experienced curandera (healer). She will offer us ceremonial work with the elements, empower us to learn how to heal ourselves, and step into our own power.

Join us on this transformational journey of awakening in Peru, the mystical land of Pachamama, mother earth, and experience the deep inner mysteries of healing your most authentic self.

Those who have joined the last retreats to Peru have said it was the experience of their lifetime and has transformed their lives!


The Q’ero Wisdom Keepers:

The Q’ero are the direct descendants of the Inca, who, 500 years ago, fled to the safety of the sacred mountains to escape the Spanish Conquistadors. They fled and made their villages in the clouds at 15,000 ft. Fortunately, the Spanish failed to find them there.

The Inca master shamans were considered the “wisdom keepers.” Their oral tradition preserved the ancient healing methods, rituals, and prophecies for the future of human beings and the planet. This knowledge has remained uncontaminated for thousands of years.These healers embody the true essence of love, as they share and transmit their healing and message.

The Q’ero understood that there would be a time when the world needed to remember the ancient wisdom. At this time, they would come down from their lofty hiding place to spread their knowledge. The time is now.  With their infinite graciousness, they are offering this knowledge to all of us with their most open hearts.

We mostly work with Don Basillio, Dona Sabina & Dona Santusa, though we may work with others as well.

Curandera- Vilma Pinedo

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Vilma Pinedo comes from a long line of healers from the Andes mountains of Peru. Vilma’s grandparents are renowned shamans, and she was called to this path before she was born, when lightning struck her mother while pregnant with Vilma. She grew up surrounded by master healers and began her path as a curandera at the age of 12, reading coca leaves and using her intuition to tell people how to heal themselves, often with amazing results. Vilma learned English (a rarity in the Andes) and was one of the people asked to accompany the Dalai Lama to Machu Picchu. She uses her gift as a tool for peace, healing and unity.

Ashera Serfaty

Ashera offers a holistic and integrative approach to healing and coaching. She weaves ancient wisdom with practical tools to awaken others’ authentic power, purpose and joy. She assists clients in finding and transforming their deepest blocks so they can live in their most luminous selves.

Ashera has over 15 years of experience as a healing practitioner. She has trained in a variety of modalities including energy medicine and shamanic healing through The Healing Light Body School and Alberto Villoldo, Toltec Shamanic Healing, Advanced Theta Healing, Yoga and Ayurveda.

Her journeys have taken her to Peru where she lived for 7 years (half the year). She trained with indigenous healers and was initiated into the lineage of wisdom keepers. She is a full Mesa carrier in the Q’ero traditions of the Andes, and is trained in plant spirit medicine.

Ashera has led over a dozen retreats to Peru. She loves to share the incredible gifts of Peru sacred sites, mountains, portals and the wisdom medicine of the indigenous traditions and healers with others. Ashera is passionate about assisting others on their path to restoring their original freedom, balance and joy.

Carolyn Story

Carolyn's picture-1.jpg

Carolyn is a subtle body energy worker specializing in trauma/shock release, transforming limiting belief systems, disruptive emotional energy patterns, and mind-body-soul integration practices.

She is passionate about empowering others, so people can become their best self.  When we are empowered, we are able to be more compassionate, aware and kind to ourselves, others and to our planet.

Her background includes training in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), The Jin Shin TARA approach, Healing the Multi-Dimensional Self, Yi Ren Qigong, Light Body Activation and sound therapy.  She has also worked internationally as an educator in Kuwait, Russia, England, and South Africa.

For the last seven years Carolyn has developed her energy healing practice at The Vital Energy Center in Seattle, WA.  She is currently enrolled in the Energy Codes teacher training program with Dr. Sue Morter, as well as continuing her training in shamanic and plant spirit medicine.  She has traveled on two spiritual pilgrimages to Peru in 2018-19 which transformed her life. Carolyn plans to continue to journey and deepen this work as it is a powerful conduit of change into love and light.

Tentative Itinerary:

Day 1

  • 12:00pm Arrival at retreat center

  • 1:00pm Lunch

  • 3:00pm Opening Circle

  • 6:00pm Dinner

  • 7:30 Fire Ceremony

Day 2

  • 7:30am Yoga and energetic practices

  • 9:00am Breakfast

  • 11:00am Medicine Wheel practices, walk and cleansing in waterfall under Apu Sawasiray

  • 1:00pm Lunch

  • 2:00pm Despacho with Curandera

  • 4:00pm Private healing sessions/massages/free time

  • 6:00pm Dinner

  • 7:00pm Sound healing

Day 3

  • 7:30am Yoga and energetic practices

  • 9:00am Breakfast

  • 10:00am Tipon – Temple of the Waters with Q’ero, Despacho ceremony, shamanic journey

  • 4:30pm Return to center – relaxation/free time

  • 6:00pm Dinner

  • 7:00pm Evening sound circle

lorraine and butterfly.jpg

Day 4

  • 7:30am Yoga and energetic practices

  • 9:00am Breakfast

  • 10:00am Temples Prachar & Moray (Earth Temple) with Q’ero, Despacho ceremony, sacred initiations with the Q’ero

  • 6:00pm Dinner Out

Day 5

  • 7:30am Yoga and energetic practices

  • 9:00am Breakfast

  • 10:00am Quillaroymok ~ Moon of the Rock Temple, Ceremony with Q’ero

  • 4:30pm Return to center

  • 6:00pm Dinner

Day 6

  • 7am All Day Plant Healing Huachuma Ceremony Up the Mountain

  • 7pm- 12:00am Evening Fire Ceremony

Day 7

  • Rest Day

  • Private healing sessions and massage

  • Relax on a hammock

Day 8

  • 7:30am Yoga and energetic practices

  • 9:00am Breakfast

  • 10:00am Pisac ~ Temple of the Falcon with Q’ero, Despacho ceremony, sacred initiations with the Q’ero, explore market in town, dinner out

  • 7:00pm Return to center

Day 9

  • Main Journey Completes ~ Machu Picchu Add-on Begins

  • 7:30am Yoga and energetic practices

  • 9:00am Breakfast

  • 10:00am Check out and visit Ollantaytambo Temple, explore town

  • 3:30pm Train to Aguas Calientes (Gateway to Machu Picchu)

  • 5:00pm Arrive and check in to hotel

  • 6:00pm Dinner


Day 10

  • 6:00 Sunrise at Machu Picchu, Pilgrimage to the Crystal City

  • 5:00 Train Back to Ollantaytambo

  • 6:30 Check into Hotel

  • 7:00 Dinner

Day 11

  • 7:30 Yoga and Energetic Practices

  • Closing Circle

  • 9:00 Breakfast

  • Check out and your journey onward

Recommendation: spend an extra day or two to integrate after the journey before returning home.

Flight & Transportation:


You will fly into the sacred city of Cusco, an hour airplane ride from Lima. From the Cusco airport it is a 1 hour and 20 minute taxi ride to our accommodations in the Sacred Valley. It is a breathtaking one hour ride from the airport.

Bring A Friend and Receive a Discount!

  • International & domestic airfare

  • Single occupancy option, unless specifically requested

  • Tips for guides, porters and cooks

  • Extra personal drinks, snacks, food, and gifts

  • Additional lodging not outlined

  • Transfers from airport

  • Personal massages and healing sessions.

  • Two meals out

  • Charges incurred as a result of delays beyond our control.

q'ero hug.jpg


Contact Ashera at:


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