Day 41 with a Shaman

I had a vision of a serpent.  It was as long as a car and its head was as big as mine. It had fierce eyes and slow methodical movement. I was on a pier and it began slithering toward me with an unwavering focus. I could not stop my heart from racing and was certain it could sense my strong pulse. I tried not to be afraid, hoping it would move past me. Terror filled my body as it raised its body to look directly in my face. It eyes were frighteningly vicious. I flinched, as it sank its fangs in my right shoulder. My awareness moved into the body of the serpent, before I felt the pain.

Suddenly, it was biting and wrapping my body around a human, but there was no violence. It was just movement of energy. I was being moved by the one collective spirit connecting everything. There was no self at all. There was nothing lacking and nothing gained from this action. It didn’t even occur to me, as the snake, that this was food. There was absolutely no thought.

A few seconds earlier, I was certain that this animal hated me or was angry. It was perceived as violent. Now, I was merged fully and there was only acceptance, harmony, and a perfect flow. My awareness switched back to myself and I just felt love as I breathed my last breath.

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6 thoughts on “Day 41 with a Shaman

  1. Bradlee says:

    You are totally on a fast and expansive journey, wow!! I really enjoy reading your posts. I wish you well as you continue to open and see beyond all that isn’t the real you, the beautiful spirit who you truly are. Keep sharing!! Your posts are so profound and wonderful, I don’t always manage to click the like button, but I always like them:)

  2. leelotchka44 says:

    THANK YOU for posting this. What a reminder.of no-self in animals.
    For me, wanting to find that no-self in me 🙂

  3. timadiaries says:

    I just Lived it while reading it , that was an awesome vision and a great description ! i once had one , but it was with a giant black cat , but for me it was a horrible nightmare !!

  4. missjessedeol says:

    Very descriptive righting, great visual effects! I hope your journey is going well.

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