Shamanic Retreat

The first day of our Shamanic weekend retreat started with opening sacred space. Then, we started a fire and put our intentions into the fire. We did this by blowing the intention into the stick. After putting our sticks in, we allowed the fire to feed us with its power. My intention was to purify my spirit and let go of any old resentments around mother and father. The retreat was about embracing the divine father and mother. I was jumping in to the deep end but I was ready!

As we took our seats around the fire, our teacher lead us in a chakra clearing meditation. It started at our root and ended with the crown. It was a simple and essential practice. I could feel heavy energy leaving each chakra, resulting in greater balance and joy. We visualized a tail moving out of the base of our spine, leading to an aquifer deep inside the Earths womb. It was a place to release any heavy or unspent energy in our centers. It could easily move down and be recycled by Pachamama/ Mother Earth. I literally felt years of stress pouring out of my body.

Finally, we received a Bands of Power Rite. The Bands of Power are an energetic protection woven into your Energy Field , the energetic body that surrounds your physical body.  These bands help transform negative energy into one of the 5 elements so that you are protected and centered in yourself. I had received the bands previously but the ceremony strengthened their power.

When she got to the band around my head, she grabbed a stone that had been activated at a sacred temple in Peru (I did not know this at the time), and placed it on my third eye. I had to catch my balance as I felt like she had pushed me back. It was so strong; I had to shift my body like I was suddenly on an incline. Then, very suddenly, I felt myself falling backward into an endless void. It was swallowing me but it was not threatening. It felt like something was setting me free. It was hard to determine how much time had passed. It could have been several lifetimes or seconds. I heard the teacher’s voice in the distance beckoning me to return. I did but I was not the same…



Day 41 with a Shaman

I had a vision of a serpent.  It was as long as a car and its head was as big as mine. It had fierce eyes and slow methodical movement. I was on a pier and it began slithering toward me with an unwavering focus. I could not stop my heart from racing and was certain it could sense my strong pulse. I tried not to be afraid, hoping it would move past me. Terror filled my body as it raised its body to look directly in my face. It eyes were frighteningly vicious. I flinched, as it sank its fangs in my right shoulder. My awareness moved into the body of the serpent, before I felt the pain.

Suddenly, I was biting and wrapping my body around a human, but there was no violence. It was just movement of energy. I was being moved by the one collective spirit connecting everything. There was no self at all. There was nothing lacking and nothing gained from this action. It didn’t even occur to me, as the snake, that this was food. There was absolutely no thought.

A few seconds earlier, I was certain that this animal hated me or was angry. It was perceived as violent. Now, I was merged fully and there was only acceptance, harmony, and a perfect flow. My awareness switched back to myself and I just felt love as I breathed my last breath.