Day 34 with a Shaman

I have been working on a sand painting for the last three weeks and keep adding objects of intention. I visit it every few days or when I have energy to blow in, but it has become so full of stones and shells! While talking with my Teacher, which happens to be miles away at the moment, she made a comment about how busy my painting was! It was both humorous and awe inspiring.

She is always positive with a delicious flavor of comic relief. This was no exception. I am inspired by the fact that she is able to see my painting from so far away. It is so exciting to have such an example of someone I’d like to emulate, especially when it is my Mentor.

There has been such an internal shift this week and I feel that is definitely time to close this sand painting and open a new one. There is a solidarity deep inside that I have been asking for. I will open a new painting with the intention of diving even deeper and anchoring awareness to walk between the worlds.

I realize that life will throw curve balls but my inner experience can be rock solid. It has been difficult to sustain this with so much stagnant emotional energy in my body. The more it releases, the more opportunity there is for connection with Spirit/Source/One.


The Divine is present in everyone, in all beings, in everything.

Like space it is everywhere, all pervading, all powerful, all knowing.

The Divine is the principle of Life, the inner light of consciousness, and

pure bliss. It is our very own Self.

— Amma ♥


4 thoughts on “Day 34 with a Shaman

  1. Awareness says:

    “I realize that life will throw curve balls but my inner experience can be rock solid” – this is so true; a great insight to have 🙂

  2. Pat Cegan says:

    I would like to learn more about shamanism. I live in the floresta and have what I expect are shamanic practices but have no formal knowledge of this. Only what I have been taught by spirit guides. Can you tell me how to learn more about this. I love what you write here on your blog. hugs, pat

    • Hi Pat! I apologize for the delay. This path is so surprising and rewarding. I have been really happy working with Ashera. I started by receiving healings from her every other week. Now, I am taking part in her mentorship program. Here is her website:

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