Day 31 with a Shaman

Photo from: Rolf Hicker Photagraphy

Last night, I dreamed about Orcas Whales. There were about fifty of them swimming past. I was standing on a deck, watching them, as one came right over to the edge. It was a female and she was trying to come closer to me. At first I thought she was a danger but I could sense her loving disposition. As she was slowly opening her mouth and pushing her body onto the deck, she was looking right into my eyes. Her eyes held wisdom and ancient stories I could only grasp at a very deep level.

Eventually she was able to get her fully body out of the water and as her back end reached the dry surface, she changed into a wolf. She came toward me but I became frightened. I asked her to back up and she did. We had a moment of eye contact, as she conveyed her deep respect. Then, she ran past me into a dark alley. I was intending to follow her but was awakened by a car outside my window, which was disappointing. I hope to meet her again…perhaps tonight. I am open to any teaching/healing that the whale and wolf have for me at this time.

My intention is to enter a lucid dreaming state, as I drift into sleep. I will keep you posted!

I welcome any comments about your interpretation of this dream. It is so exciting to hear wisdom from others, throughout this amazing  journey.


2 thoughts on “Day 31 with a Shaman

  1. leelotchka44 says:

    Instead of interpreting symbols, If it was my dream I would pray to be helped to integrate what the animal-spirits taught me on those deep levels. I might also write in my journal “from” the animals and just do flow-writing.
    Or I might dance them – so instead of analyzing them, i would want to get close to their spirits while awake. Personally, I have done a lot of dancing with animal-spirit – just being willing to allow the body move as i think of the animal brings amazing insights.
    Much love to you

    • As I was reading your words, my heart began to bubble with joy. I think you are absolutely right and the animal spirits don’t even need words. That is brilliant advice and much appreciated!
      Warm blessings,

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