Day 28 with a Shaman

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Today I did a Shamanic Despatcho to the Olympic Mountains with the intention of harmony. Despacho is the Quechua word for offering. It describes the Andean practice of making offerings to the mountains (apus), Mother Earth (Pachamama), and other spirits in reciprocity, reverence, and thanksgiving. A despacho is an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. At the deepest level, it is an opportunity to enter into the essential unity of all things.

I have gathered sacred objects for a week; to represent Mother Earth, the four directions, animal spirits, stone spirits, and the levels of reality.  I offered rose petals, sugar, glitter, cotton, a shell, and stones. During the ceremony, I asked Angels and guides to help me bring prayers to the ceremony. The moment I was asking for their guidance, a sweet, soft wind gently blew across my face. It was warm and nurturing. I heard and felt the ancient ones surrounding me. As if condoning the celebration, they sent the message on the wind.  I instantly felt the profound relationship with the Olympic Mountains and was humbled in their powerful presence.

There was a silent prayer and intent with each offering and the silence held the gift of the Divine.  When it was time, I gently wrapped the offerings in cloth and tied them together. I was instructed to bury them in the Earth so the prayers could be released over time.

As I hiked back down the trail, I was filled with a  tangible peace and union. Each bird was singing directly to my heart and my pulse was fueling the river. This is how we are meant to live, subtly aware and deeply connected.

I left with an intimate affinity with the Apus. They continue to course through my veins as essentially as Oxygen.


13 thoughts on “Day 28 with a Shaman

  1. This sounds amazing! Now I want to read how your journey began. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and personal moment. – Rene

  2. leelotchka44 says:

    I love your posts
    thank you so much for sharing so much beauty

  3. Allan Clow says:

    Beautiful. It sounds like you’ve really found your connection to the Earth’s natural energies. There’s no better feeling than reconnecting after a long absence 🙂

  4. kzackuslheureux says:

    Are you sure that’s not a spanish word, used now by Bolivians and Peruvians within the Quechuan (ancient Incan) community? Means the same thing to anyone anyway, so I don’t know why I’m commenting. I just love everyone from that part of the world! 😉

  5. ryeder says:

    One of the amazing wonders is that for time immemorial is the connection of earth, air, fire and water in many cultures and that it continues today in a world devoid of spirituality. I enjoy your words…

  6. rwrneiznaninex1977 says:

    Reblogged this on Dana Williams Blogs.

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