Day 22 with a Shaman

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Lately, the story that has been the most prevalent is about dominance of the Masculine that stifles the Feminine. I find myself getting angry when this happens, I don’t always catch the reaction. The masculine energy is accustomed to being in control and panics at the thought of losing control. I am speaking of the masculine inside everyone, especially me. It manipulates, and uses anger to drown out the softness of the feminine. The vulnerability is too intense right now. I watch this within myself and then mirrored outside of me.

Working with the Serpent for two months has activated my second chakra and the feminine energy has started to flow. It comes out feeling like intense sexual energy. Rather than allow it, the masculine part of me wants to change it, suppress it, or calm it down. If it’s not controled, I get waves of shame.

My body has not been accustomed to such focused power. It has been extremely uncomfortable the past week. I have felt like an erotic, throbbing, sensual being to the point of wanting to hide myself. I have not wanted to affect other people with the obvious sexual desire. At the same time, I want to walk around naked as an ancient Goddess under the gorgeous full moon. It’s only natural.

In my session with my Shaman Teacher, she recommended I dance the energy. I thought the idea was brilliant so I went to belly dance class. Through the subtle movements, the flow of the Serpent danced me. It was out of this world! It was embracing, allowing, and absorbing my personal power. It felt wonderful. I have nothing to be afraid of. As it continues to flow, I feel a merging with the Serpent more profoundly than ever. I feel grateful.


4 thoughts on “Day 22 with a Shaman

  1. I have been in this state before- often when hypomanic! It’s a sacral chakra thing isn’t it? Dancing sounds like a brilliant way to channel it. I like the comment about walking around naked under the moon, that actually sounds great!Very liberating and freeing!

  2. Perianne says:

    Very evocative. How marvellous to feel danced like that. Note to self..I must return to my body. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Very, very interesting. I’m glad you said “I’m talking about the masculine in everyone” as I thought it was anti male at first! But there’s definite masculine in me. This was, I agree, evocative.

  4. the flow of your writing and presentaton of ideas reveals your centerednss. it is something i have been seeking most of my adult life. this is a wonderful piece. i will read more. namaste jen

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