Day 19 with a Shaman

I journeyed into the Underworld today. It is my second solo journey. I opened sacred space, which was beautiful. I could sense the support all around me as the Ancient Ones gathered around. I asked my dear ally Jared to stay close to me for the entire journey. We traveled down, bathed in the waters and received permission to enter. As we entered the Chamber of Wounds, I looked around but did not engage. I noticed there was a pool of liquid on the ground that slid over the top of my feet. It looked dark like blood but I was able to just witness it. There were a few instances that could have become frightening but I remembered my Teachers warning to not engage with anything here.

We continued to the Chamber of Contracts. I was able to burn an old mutual contract between me and another person. In this contract, we had agreed to protect one another but also keep ourselves limited. I asked for permission to burn the old and start a new one. As the old contract went up in flames the new one was signed and placed in the window of light.

As we entered the Chamber of Gifts, I admired the beauty and received first a crown of golden light then a body armor of golden liquid light. I allowed the gifts to permeate my being and settle in. With full gratitude, we honored the gifts and moved into the next Chamber.

The Chamber of Souls was full of life. I could hear whispers of stories and I hung on every word. It was enriching and complete. It was time to end our journey. We traveled up, up, up and out.  We closed Sacred Space and I honored the spirits and allies for guiding me in this delicious journey.

I notice the practices of the journey are bleeding over into my daily life. I had several big opportunities to react from old wounds. My partner triggered a major one and I promptly chose to not engage with the reaction. It was not denying or stuffing the emotion. I just noticed it as a wound and chose not to play with it. It left me feeling more empowered. If we are always at the mercy or whim of someone else’s actions, we are not coming from our own power place. This is huge for me and I am grateful for the realization and the practice.


4 thoughts on “Day 19 with a Shaman

  1. Religion4All says:

    Sometimes too, others take notice of the changes in you … and it disturbs them. They don’t understand them, and they want to understand you … so they say or do something to try and provoke you. What they are really doing is exhibiting their own insecurities … at how you growing frightens them. They want you back in a place they understand. I have noticed this myself in my own life as I grow spiritually … and I also keep my heart open, not “playing with the wound” as you so aptly described it. If we can realize their sub-conscious motive we can then overlook it, and love them regardless.

  2. leelotchka44 says:

    Love the “choose not to play with it.”
    Yes. How useful to remember that we are not victims of our reactions.

  3. There are really great life lessons here and I really enjoyed the insightful responses too 🙂 Great pic, enjoy your writing.

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