Day 18 with a Shaman


I am connecting more deeply with the stones I used in my sand painting. I have a main stone that I blew my old story into then it was activated through my Shaman Teacher’s Peruvian stones. I have my new intentions stone, living with passion, enjoying the luxuries of the world, ideal body, empowerment, and relationship/heart stone. I keep them on an altar of sacred objects, including my rattle, pendulum, Goddess picture and other inspiring objects.  I have journeyed with the heart stone, passion stone, and intentions stone.

The heart stone held quite a bit of heavy energy from fear and sadness. As I let my awareness connect with it, it welcomed me warmly and took me to the ocean. The waters washed away the heaviness and I was left with the essence of the stone. It was very comforting and inviting. I got the strong feeling it has a lot to tell.  I look forward to connecting more deeply in the future.

The intentions stone dropped me deep into the Earth. It was as if I was falling in slow motion but still inside the stone. It beckoned me to go deeper into the core of Earth and myself…then beyond. I accepted the invitation but resisted at the ‘beyond’. A part of me is trying to hold back, while another part wants to dive head first with unabashed enthusiasm. I am noticing the fear as it comes in waves to the surface. The deeper I travel the more the fear rises, like bubbles of air through water. All I have to do is allow it the move.

The passion stone was harder to connect with. It welcomed me but we didn’t travel. I will take my time with this one. I notice the more I am able to trust this work, the more the spirits reveal to me. It is very humbling and invigorating. I’m sure this stone will pick the perfect time to reveal its story and mysterious teachings.


2 thoughts on “Day 18 with a Shaman

  1. Perianne says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It resonates strongly with me. I have been sensing the falling slow motion into the Earth and it wonderful to hear another’s experience.

  2. leelotchka44 says:

    you write” The deeper I travel the more the fear rises, like bubbles of air through water. All I have to do is allow it the move.”

    I feel that allowing opens space for the divine, in whatever form we can accept. And allowing is never about “trying”. – As a healer, I often give telephone-sessions. I had a lady of 70 recently. I asked her several questions if she could allow “this” to be as it was – including resistance. She ended in great peace. A nd today she told me that after that session she is sleeping again at night, and her eye-doctor told her that her eye-sight had stabilized( it was rapidly deteriorating .)

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