Day 17 with a Shaman

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I journeyed on my own today. I traveled to the Underworld. I made sure my Jaguar was by my side the whole time. I used my rattle, creating a steady rhythm for the entirety of my journey. It was a funny at times how the rattle took me deeper at points and distracted me at others. At one point I felt like it wasn’t working when a sound behind me startled me out of a really deep trance. I became aware of exactly which part was journeying. It seems that this path does not entertain the ego self at all, in fact, it isn’t even invited to the party!

I continued to journey further as my mind tried all sorts of distracting games. It was pacified with doing the rattle, ‘just right’, while I moved into the Chamber of Wounds. I made sure not engage with anything I came across. We quickly opened the door to enter the Chamber of Contracts; I could see a few scrolls encased in walls lit like priceless pieces of art. I left them untouched as we entered the Chamber of Gifts. I asked if there were any gifts that wanted to come back with us…slowly I got the message that there was.The gift of Time made itself known to me. As I thought the name of the gift, my ego mind jumped in to make a story around it. It was rambling on about how this would make me the gatekeeper of time and we could control it whenever we wanted!!!!! Mwahaha!! As my ego was plotting to rule the planet, we moved on to the Chamber of Souls. My jaguar, Jared, confidently strutted by my side, lending me his air of authority. This Chamber was so full, almost overwhelming to take it all in, which seemed to happen in a quick flash. We lingered here for a bit…basking in the unnamable allure.

Then, it was time to return. We traveled up to thank the Keeper of the Underworld, bathe in the waters and continue up, up, up! As we were almost out, something startled me again and filled my body with terror.  It drew me out of the deep trance suddenly, and I had to slow my heartbeat, assuring it we were safe.

It was only a stack of papers, blowing in the wind.  We came out looked around, saw my kitties nearby, as they always like to be present in our circles. Finally, we closed Sacred Space, making sure to fully integrate our gift of time and all it might offer.  My first solo journey was a success! I look forward to many more as I deepen the practice.


One thought on “Day 17 with a Shaman

  1. leelotchka44 says:

    I got so interested in those papers causing such terror. Have you any idea why you were shown that?

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