Day 11 with a Shaman

I have been working with Perceptual states and the Hummingbird is the most present spirit that wants to play. I seem to just stop when I connect with the spirit of the North, rather than moving to the other two directions. When I connect with the Hummingbird, I can feel the joy bubbling in my heart and my energy increases. It is also teaching me to be flexible in my path. I can see how it quickly darts from side to side to reach the goal. I am learning the value of changing course.

I am also noticing a pain in my knee. The strange thing is it started in my left knee,then moved to my right. It is very persistent…so I have given it my attention today. I have gotten the message to slow down and find my own pace. I got that it is important to listen inside for my own unique rhythm, instead of following someone else.

I am walking forward into the unknown and there is fear in my body. I notice that I have been trying to rush the process and my knee is indicating this, by forcing me to slow down and take time to reflect. It is easy to judge reflection as unproductive time, especially when looking at myself through others’ eyes.  Another lesson in not worrying what anybody else thinks.

Well, after slowing down a bit and taking an inner inventory, my knee pain has eased. I am asking inside about the next move and following the subtle sense of relief in the moment.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 with a Shaman

  1. In my experience, there seems to be great wisdom in what the physical body tells us.

  2. leelotchka44 says:

    I notice how much your process is like the creative process: we paint – and then we have to wait until we can proceed with it. It often feels wildly frustrating, but always offers gifts when we hang in there.
    You certainly are receiving yours 🙂

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