Day 10 with a Shaman


Today, I made a sand painting with my new story and intentions. I placed my old issue stones on the outside to be transformed into the new story. I am excited to see my new life unfold.

I’ve had many chances to let go of what that looks like:

Last night, I was talking with a co-worker who is a Lutheran. She is a lovely woman with an intriguing life story. As she began giving me spiritual advice, I immediately wanted to reject it, because of our different paths. Instead, I opened to listening and received a divine gift. God spoke through her and told me exactly what I needed to hear.  I was humbled.

Then, this morning, I was humbled once again. My ego was convincing me of all the things I needed and trying to figure out how to get them. This kept me busy for a while until my partner pointed out, so gracefully, that all of my needs were met. He was right; it was as simple as that. We are all just beautiful reminders to each other. Live right now, and breathe.

Spirit is teaching in every aspect of creation. Who am I to decide which is best?


3 thoughts on “Day 10 with a Shaman

  1. leelotchka44 says:

    I not only like this, I love it –
    I recognize you as a true teacher: one who walks her talk. The paths and forms are not important – the spirit they are done with, is.

  2. Lovely to have a voice like yours on the internet to help us all be positive and remember the gifts in life.

  3. Branimira says:

    “We are all just beautiful reminders to each other…” I love this, your soul is free to fly, search and be humbled by the beauty and insight of others, their Gift gets revealed, you listen and breathe…We all have Gifts we carry, but not all of us use them or desire to.

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