Day 9 with a Shaman


Today was a challenge as well.  I got the estimate on my car and found out my new jobs were not going to have as many hours for me this week. It seemed, for a moment, like my world was closing in on me. How would I come up with money? How would I get to work? What will I do? These thoughts filled my head and chaos closed in.

I did my best to breathe and find appreciation in as much as I could find around me. My Manager was upset with me and being passive aggressive, which was very difficult. I had to stay very present; otherwise I noticed I was absorbing her anger and sadness. The more I tried to gain control, the more out of control it became.  It was much easier when I was physically away from her.

I noticed I was feeling trapped, and being threatened by the old story.  Then, I remembered the freedom and invincibility of the Eagle, so I called on the help of this spirit ally. I had just practiced perceptual states with the animals. I was able to tap into the feeling of freedom in the midst of a not so enjoyable story of life. Relief washed over me, and my body relaxed. I followed my breath to the joy and remembered Truth.


3 thoughts on “Day 9 with a Shaman

  1. Whenever we think we’re in control, life will show us otherwise!

  2. leelotchka44 says:

    I love how the choice of focus – from problem to freedom – changed everything. This was exactly the reminder i needed this morning.
    Oh the joy of feeling so safe and guided – of always getting what i need from my friends 🙂

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