Day 7 with a Shaman part 2

Today, after writing my new story, I tapped in to the animal spirits of the four directions. First, the Serpent, which was a feeling of just flowing as creation with very little preference. Second, the Jaguar, which expanded my awareness in all directions with a distinct refinement of the senses. It was strong and gentle at once. Third, was the Hummingbird, which filled my body with an endless amount of energy while my heart bubbled with Joy. What I could have done at the gym with all this energy!!!! I have to remember this! Lastly, was the Eagle, which took my essence inside the most profound freedom. I just knew I could go and see anything. It was boundless.


2 thoughts on “Day 7 with a Shaman part 2

  1. Sherry K. says:

    Thanks for your inspiring little tidbits! And thanks for stopping by my blog…(-:

  2. Perianne says:

    I keep stumbling on lots of Hummingbird stories and am relishing the joy.

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