Day 5 with a Shaman

Today, I created a Sacred Fire. I brought offerings to spirit in hopes that I would be guided and assisted in letting go of my old story. I brought olive oil, incense and a stick representing my story. I opened sacred space inviting Great Spirit, the directions, and all allies in spirit form. I honored them and lit the fire, but it was stubborn. I fed it small sticks, paper, and everything I could find. Still, it smoked. My eyes burned and tears streamed down my face, as I tried my best to please the fire spirits. I wondered if they were rejecting me and the ceremony. Once again, I felt lacking and not enough.

Suddenly I heard, “too many mind”, as a stinging nettle jumped out to get my attention. I became acutely aware of my mind chatter. I was trying to build a fire from all my experiences from the past and it wasn’t working. All the camping trips, all the fire gathering was not what I needed to build this fire.

I stopped and listened inside… the voice began telling me the exact sticks the fire wanted and I quickly began gathering the summoned wood. The fire grew strong and the smoke pointed away from me as I moved around it. A dance began between the fire and my spirit. I let go, accepting the invitation to flow with the aliveness of creation. I fed the fire three times, with olive oil, incense, and my story.

The fire was threatening to go out as I blew my story into the stick and tossed it in. The minute my stick hit the top of the bundle, the fire blazed. It was anxious to distinguish my old limiting beliefs as much as I was. It was awe-inspiring. I sat in amazement of the fire and its glory.

About that time, I looked up to see an eagle majestically circling above in its full authority. Then, I looked to my right to see an orange breasted hummingbird lingering at eye level about two feet away. It stopped as if to give an approving nod and quickly flew away.

Time stopped. The voice of Spirit became crystal clear and I basked in the inevitability of the One.


5 thoughts on “Day 5 with a Shaman

  1. leelotchka44 says:

    Hi there – you wrote:
    God has abandoned me because I abandoned God.
    This is the main belief a student of A Course in Miracles must deal with too. I am again reminded how close some traditions are to each other. I trained as shaman too, through many ordeals, and was guided to come to non-dualism. I still feel lots of love toward this tradition, and think it is lovely that you found my blog:-)
    So now we are following each other 🙂

    • Hi there! I just started reading 50 Miracle Principles of a Course in Miracles. I really like it and will continue. I am thoroughly enjoying working with animal spirits as well. I am relearning to have fun with Maya. Thanks so much for following and your comments!

    • Simply Begin says:

      Um, Lol, the entire purpose of non-dualism is identifying “who am I ” This was Kate’s original question – Yet you said my question didn’t go with blog and now you point to same teaching…. So I’m kind of entertained and laughing at your statement…

  2. leelotchka44 says:

    I am glad I keep you entertained 🙂

  3. kzackuslheureux says:

    I could just plant a big “like” on everyone of your posts, it’s not fair to you that I can read them all with a scroll button and you don’t get the notice that someone’s eating your words up with a spoon. You must love the author Wade Davis, eh? Best Love, ~KL

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