Day 2 with a Shaman

Today was simple but beautiful.   I opened sacred space and called in the four directions.  As I was calling in the North, a hummingbird flew over to me.  I had to find rocks and sticks to make a sand painting. Then, I found a rock for three core issues. I picked one for feeling bad just for being alive (that’s a rough one), and another for feeling like if I’m in my full power, I will lose everything.   I reflected on these for a while after my sand painting.

I left the space open, as instructed, so the Earth can be with my issues.  I immediately started feeling annoyed and watched the opportunities to confirm my issues surface.   I sat with the feelings and thanked my ego for trying to protect me.  This was challenging but I kept doing it repeatedly for the rest of the day.  By night, I was exhausted from the tug of war in my mind.  I will persevere.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 with a Shaman

  1. Michelle says:

    I hope you keep posting these throughout your year! I’m fascinated by the idea of Shamanic studies and want to read more!

  2. thetarotman says:

    Oh, my Goddess! The beauty and the power of this post have left me speechless. Thank you for your courage.

  3. Simply Begin says:

    95% of all suffering/troubles/fear are generated in the mind. Isnt it liberating when you realize you are not your thoughts, its just maya (mind-madness:-)

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